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Heat exchangers


Finned core heat exchangers for heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation, steam production and heat recovery.


Frame Frame

The frame can be made of galvanised 304/316 stainless steel sheet, copper, aluminium, brass, or pickled iron sheet. Various processes, distinctive for quality and precision, are used to perform bending, punching, insertion of threaded inserts and welding assembly of the finished product, according to client specifications.


Fins Fins

All our fins are formed from 8006 Aluminium alloy, which has advantages of:

  • Superior mechanical properties
  • High heat exchange capacity

The application of various types of coatings also guarantees:

  • High corrosion resistance even in particularly hostile conditions
  • High resistance to solvents and chlorinated compounds
  • Antibacterial and fungicidal properties, and resistance to humidity

p3012 louvered

p2510 pyramidal

p3016 v-waffle

p3512 v-waffle

p4016 v-waffle

p6016 v-waffle

Technical Data

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment

Maximum availability and flexibility

Wide range of production materials

Excellent quality-to-price ratio


Tubes Tubes

We use tubes of various diameters and internal finishes to construct the most appropriate heat exchangers for user requirements. Tin-plated tubes have anticorrosive properties while grooved tubes provide much better energy exchange than those with smooth inner surfaces. A hairpin-bender is used to make tubes for exchangers with a finned length of up to 4,000 mm, and a pipe straightener for greater lengths.

Eurotec takes great care during mechanical expansion of the tubes, which must maintain perfect contact with the fins for optimal heat exchange.


Collectors Collectors

The collectors of the exchangers, produced in-house, are made of copper in a work centre equipped with a latest generation tube-end closing machine.
The ends of the collectors are appropriately shaped depending on how the heat exchanger will be used.

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